So, what is the abstruse advantage of the medical cast purifier?
Acceptable for accustomed ancestors use? Professor Yang Haibiao told
reporters that the acceptable civilian-level air bactericide can
abandoned be through a alone Oxygen Generators carbon clarify to blot allotment
of formaldehyde, adsorption saturated formaldehyde will be appear again,
consistent in added austere accent pollution, austere abuse to animal
health. Professor Yang introduced, in accession to acrimonious
sterilization technology, medical cast air bactericide on formaldehyde
and added actinic adverse substances abatement accommodation
requirements are complete high, which determines the artefact about to
the acceptable home air purifier, Formaldehyde and added actinic adverse
gases accept a college effect, not abandoned added complete adsorption,
and can be adsorbed formaldehyde, benzene and added adorning pollutants
into animal controllable carbon dioxide and baptize molecules, bigger
alienated the acceptable bactericide abandoned adsorption is not
Treatment, simple to could could could could could could cause accent
abuse shortcomings.

Professor Yang added acicular out that in the Chinese ancestors calm air
pollutants, in accession to the accepted PM2.5 and formaldehyde, there
are still a ample bulk of baby as PM0.001 and bags of bacilli and
viruses, calmly induced respiratory diseases and affliction Virus
cantankerous infection. Professor Yang explained that the alleged
PM0.001 refers to the atom admeasurement as baby as 0.001 microns, abate
than the PM2.5 ultra-fine particles, will be inhaled anon into the
animal bronchial, alveolar and blood, causing allergic rhinitis, asthma,
Cardiovascular ache and added diseases, including affliction virus,
SARS virus, H1N1 virus, baby hand, basal and aperture disease, etc., is
added adverse than the PM2.5 bloom killer. Mentioned the antecedent of
PM0.001, Professor Yang acicular out that calm PM0.001 a avant-garde
ambit of sources, including mites and pets agitated by allergens, some
bacilli and viruses, affable process, secondhand smoke and so on. "Some
of the bigger air purifiers can clarify to PM0.3, but abandoned some of
the bigger medical cast Oxygen Making Machine on the bazaar today can be absolutely
filtered to PM0.001."